The Disappearing Social

Branding, promotional material, and website for The Disappearing Social at KEE Club.

The Disappearing Social at KEE Club is a monthly dinner and live performance. Each month’s event is in collaboration with a different restaurant in Hong Kong and the menu is a unique collaboration of dishes decided upon by both the KEE Club chef and the partnering restaurant’s chef. The live performer for the night is selected in accordance with the theme that KEE and the partner restaurant decide upon. Hints regarding the theme and performance are released gradually online through The Disappearing Social website, where guests can also register for the event and browse the archive of past events.

Small 4cm in diameter paper medallions were printed as mysterious invitations to the event. They are intended to be placed in the middle of the saucers of coffee cups at KEE Club and their partner restaurants so that patrons will discover the invitation when they lift their cups.

Visit site: The Disappearing Social